Coby Rose Checks In

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Coby Rose was born in a little town and had an average childhood. No, dark and terrible experiences, no radioactive spider bites, or deep-seated tragedy. Sure, he was bullied and picked on but, who isn't these days and so, his life continued until puberty when he discovered something. Something that would start as a curiosity and soon grow into an addiction. And as we all know addiction is a rather slippery slope. It started out with female lingerie and by the time he was eighteen it was full blown transvestitism. With that came an interest in shemale, bondage, sex, and lots more things that, well simply were added along the way. But, we are getting a bit ahead of ourselves since that tidbit doesn't do such a lovely boy justice.

So let us rewind just a little; Coby was born to happy parents named Miles and Leena Rose in a small town just outside of Los Angeles. His father was an advertising executive working for Hollywood and his mother was a failed actress and homemaker. Coby barely saw his father and of course developed a closer bond with his mother which, soon lead to him trying on her clothes. Though his father was reluctant in the early years Coby dressed up as a girl for Halloween. But, later when he became a teenager he had to steal things if he wanted to wear them. As the years went by Coby's collection grew and he came out to his parents letting them know how he felt. While his parents did not disown him they did ask him to move out and helped him get his own place while he attended college.

As most college kids Coby continued to experiment and met a really pretty girl who seemed incredibly interested in him. Little did he know she was recruiting for The Lacy Place looking for suitable boys and sometimes boys that just deserved the fate that was to befall them. So, when summer break started Coby found himself on a plane and zooming off to the lavish resort and casino with a really strange name. Coby wandered up to the desk and gently rang the bell. He was wearing very tight jeans which emphasized his package, a nice button down sleeveless shirt which, was neatly tucked in, a belt that was very borderline between masculine and feminine, and a pair of converse shoes. His septum was pierced and he wore some red lipstick and his bright red hair was cut into a pixie cut. This boy screamed that he liked to push the boundaries of gender stereotypes.

OOC Notes

Sorry for the long starting post, by all means, do not feel the need to match me. Really the first two paragraphs are just silly fluff to give people an overall look and feel for the character I am trying to represent. Also for those interested, I have an F-list please note that just because it is a kink doesn't mean it has to be included and also I am not seeking to break the policies or rules of the site regarding certain mentioned things.

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