Singing Sensation Beau gambles for a lady in Bows

Played by Bandjoe
9 months 3 weeks ago



Our last tour date with our country rock band was right next door to the Lacy Place. Hey I got two weeks free. I'll spend the night here and check out the Casino. The smokin' hot cocktail waitresses keep me plenty refreshed with Jack and Coke as I stroll from slot machine to slot machine. I feel I need to slow down a bit on the drinks as I am feeling the affects from the alcohol, so I take a seat in the lounge area. What the heck! I'll order another Jack and Coke. As i wait for a cocktail waitress to serve me I look around the casino, I become mesmerized at the fancy lights, and the sound of slot machines clanging. The women in here are beyond stunningly beautiful. Can't wait to strike it Rich with one of the ladies..