BJ loses the bet and now must pay the price

Played by Jacqueline
9 months 2 days ago



Continued from here:

When we arrive in the orientation center I walk up to BJ after the girls leave. I feel terrible about what has happened.

"BJ, as you know, you made a bet on the Set For Life slot machine and lost the bet. Now you are in debt to the Casino for $5000. Every effort was made to collect the money but was not successful. It seems the only alternative is for you to work here at The Lacy Place for a short time until the debt is paid."

I recite the standard line, knowing full well he has been unfairly tricked into this.

"I'm here to help you become an acceptable employee. And hopefully, to be your friend."

"Please follow me."

I lead our new employee into one of the orientation rooms and I close and lock the door behind us. I offer him a chair and I sit with him.

"Now the only small detail we face, is The Lacy Place hires only females. So I am going to help transform you into a very pretty girl so you can work here to pay the debt. Not a guy in a dress, but a pretty girl. Nothing will be permanent of course. Once your debt is paid, you will easily return to being a man and walk away."

I sit back to see how he reacts to this news.