Behind the green door (open)

Played by sissyfit
10 months 1 day ago



YOU are probably wondering...

Why would any sensible guy subject himself to this?
It was explain to me this would the easiest and quickest way to pay back my debt to the Lacy Place Casino. Of course the sissy hypnos didn't work on me. They're merely fantasy, works of fiction, but they got me curious.
What's it like to SUCK COCK?

They assured me no one would know who was behind the Glory Hole cubicle. Only real "girls" suck cock... right? The strangers behind the wall would think some pretty girl was giving them a super sloppy wet BLOW JOB and finish by swallowing a mouth full of their cum. As ordered i send "selfies" of myself sucking to the Mistress who wish to know that i was on the job.

OOC Notes

Unknown to me, these sex pic were being send all over the internet and i'm quite sure the people here would recognized me.