Miss Terri takes over Miss Martin's eunuch harem



We have been in this suite for such a long time...or rather they have been stuck here. I'm talking of course about Miss Martin harem of eunuch sissies. Miss Martin hasn't been seen at either Lacy or M&R for quite a while and so her eunuchs still occupied her suite...since nobody seems to have given them orders to do anything otherwise. There are currently four of us...although it's probably well known miss Martin has gelded a lot more sissies.

There's me...Dana...blonde or brunette...according to my Dommes' will

Then there's Mallory Michelle

Which Miss Martin had gelded on their first date.

And there is finally, Brittany Luisa and Lidia Marie...they were already gelded when they arrived here...they were and are...sissy lovers, a couple...and that's why they were gelded.


Lidia Marie

They were all chained and cuffed when I first met them and so I found an extra pair of chains and cuffed myself hands and feet to join them in their plight. Thankfully, M&R/Lacy's patented Sissy Applesauce has all the nutrients they need and it can be sucked through a straw as well.

We're not sure when or if Miss Martin will ever return and so we hope to see hat happens next.