Would you like to be a Lacy Cocktail Waitress? Please sign in here. (Make a Post)



Hello, my name is Jacqueline, Senior Cocktail Waitress.

Welcome to the bar area and your new job. We have a very friendly and helpful group of girls here who will welcome you as a new co-worker and help answer any questions you might have.

Please sign this list. That way, I'll know you're here. And I can help you get started by introducing you to our co-workers.

Things I have learned and wish to share with our beginning Cocktail Waitresses.

Always treat everyone we serve with respect. From our Managers, to our Guests, to our Fellow Employees. When they are in the bar, they are our Guests.

The bar is a public facility. Sexual acts and other disruptive behavior should be done in private, not at the bar. Please don't participate in bad behavior in the bar, especially when on duty.

Bob a curtsy to our managers in the bar. Failing to curtsy might result in discipline. And it is the right thing to do here to curtsy and show respect to our managers and guests of the Lacy Place.

I like to address everyone as Miss, Ms, Ma'am, Sir, Ladies, or Gentlemen. I think this makes things more realistic and fun for everyone.

As Cocktail Waitresses we expect flirting, touching, groping, and other good natured advances from our customers. After all, we are advertised: Drinks and Finger Foods all served up by the sexiest waitresses imaginable.

Sam the Bartender is a fictional character. We talk to him as though he were actually there. He can mix any drink we can dream up. Please be nice to him.

Our manager in the bar is Miss Sophie, a very nice Lady. Please treat her with respect.

We each develop our own style. In the mean time, a form similar to this might be used, Adjust according to who and when:

"Good evening Miss, my name is Jacqueline. I will be your server tonight. May I serve you something from the bar?"


"Hello Carol, it's nice to see you again. May I bring you something from the bar?"

Our "Shifts" are when we are here. Watch the Lounge forum in the front desk area, and the Night Club forum in the night life forum for new threads with people requiring a Waitress. But be careful not to take a thread which is being handled by another Waitress unless asked. PM's are a great way to find out.

Be sure to have fun. This job is fantastic. We meet new people constantly. And the other Waitresses are some of the nicest and most friendly girls at The Lacy Place.

For training, I suggest looking at actual threads in the bar. See how the experienced waitresses handle things. Also, ask questions. If you are unsure of something, ask in the waitress break room. You will soon have an answer or two from our experienced waitresses.


Please watch the waitress break room thread. When a new waitress is introduced, please say hello and welcome her to the Waitress Team.

It is not good if I bring a new waitress to the break room to introduce her to her co-workers and no one bothers to say hello. I'd feel unwelcome if it was me. Please do this little thing as part of being a Cocktail Waitress. Thank you.

There is a collection of menus in the first post of the waitress break room thread. Under each menu is a link which can be inserted in a post. Just remove the star * in the link before saving your post. Everyone is welcome to use them. Or you may use your own if you like.

A question recently came up about where we can serve drinks. My answer was, anywhere in the facility. But many places will be only when we are summoned. For instance, in a Managers office, or in the Hotel suites. We don't just take a tray and offer drinks. We do that only when a Manager or Guest request our service. The Lounge, the Night Club, The Casino Floor, and the Burlesque Area is where we patrol with our serving tray, offering Cocktails and Finger Food.

Threads in the bar can be set up to be Bistro's, fancy French Restaurants, garden parties, or anything else we can imagine. Make it fun. I love to serve romantic dinners in our many restaurants.

Cocktail Dress: This sexy little number is what gives our casino it's reputation. The one piece, strapless unitard might have the tails of a tuxedo, but shows enough skin to remind everyone that it sure isn't cut for a man. Complete with stilletto boots over fishnet stockings, this outfit will make even the non-drinkers ask for another round.

With a huge thank you and hugs to Jackie and KelliSue and Sophia, who taught me so much when I was new.

Please do not think the above are rules. Lacy only has three main rules laid out by Melissa. Consider the above suggestions only. If someone wishes to have wild sex on the bar for instance, there is no rule against it. ;)