Last Chance to participate in the Princess Contest.

Hi to all Princesses!

Who still wants to participate in the Contest, there is still time to do it. Just must Hurry a bit, because it's ending soon!

Take a breath, dress up in your better gowns and Participate, if you don't do it now, must wait until the next Eclipse!

The Story started at 'The Lacy Princess Contest' [*HERE*]

Continued at:

[➀] Princess Contest: Opening Ceremony and Princess Parade [*HERE*]

[➁] Princess Contest: Swimsuit Competition [*HERE*]

[➂] Princess Contest: Elocution Competition.[*HERE*]

[➃] Princess Contest: Dance Competition.[*HERE*]

In each Opening of the Thread are the Instruction for participate in each instance, can do it at all or only in that where you feel comfortable.
Do it now or you'll regret it all your life, you can be the PRINCESS OF LACY.