Suite 627 – Lady Helena Lang

Played by Alex Butler
10 months 1 week ago



Miss Claire had gone. Some time ago, and without explanation. One morning she just wasn’t there.

I’d waited, not having anything else to do. Two days passed and a message was delivered by that gorgeous Amora. That hadn’t helped as she’d been here once before, but she outlined some of the things in the note. It hadn’t explained everything, but stated that the suite was paid for a time, and my contract remained valid for the room. Of course, she’d also ensured that I had sufficient clothing.

Well, I kept the suite tidy, but it was lonely and concerning about what might happen when that time was up. Food was delivered, so at least I ate. There were some magazines, so I looked at those, and watched what was on the TV.

Morning followed morning followed morning.

Then, I was woken.

“And who might you be?”