Petr's Vegas Experience - the Suite (PM/Invitation)

Played by Alex Butler
10 months 5 days ago



Finally old enough to be allowed away, Vegas was the obvious place, and a bit of research said this place was 'relaxed' about behaviour.

I looked out of the window as the sun started to go down, wondering where to start. So many things to do, but which order to do them in?

I checked the note that the hotel very-high-ups had given about getting into trouble which would cause anyone who valued themselves to pause what they were doing. Money would cover anything else!

Well, I'm feeling horny, and the stewardesses on the private jet had been very fetching, so a maid.

I put in a call for a maid to come to the suite. She can start by actually doing some maid work and then see what happens next. The maids are said to be very accommodating...