Macy's cosmetic counter encounter



Being the gentleman I am, I agree to take the three neighbor ladies to the mall. Enroute, I was asked by one of the ladies If I ever tried wearing a bra? Immediately I turn beat red. I said no. She says you know just last week I looked over at your bedroom window And you looked like you were wearing a pink one with laces. Hmmm. Have you ever tried wearing makeup? No way! I turn beat red again. Girls I think we need to all make a pit stop at Macy's. When we arrive I am grabbed by both arms and and lead immediately into the store. We head straight to the cosmetics counter and am told Forced to sit in one of their beauty chairs.They huddle behind me and whisper to each other. This doesn't look good.

OOC Notes

Stuck, Forced femination full female switch,bondage