Agent 1987 William Shannon: Mission 1

Played by Diana Kennedy Porter
10 months 1 week ago



"Agent 1987 William Shannon Xenith Secret Service reporting for duty Miss...mmhmm...check... Yes ....understood Miss Yes Miss Agent Shannon over and out!"

I get the details of my latest mission to shadow behind my Princess Gia Di Marco. Princess and ruler of the one hundred percent all female country of Xenith and keep her out of trouble here in Vegas.

Knowing the history of this place it is without doubt a place where you can lose A LOT MORE than just your money and clothes the same especially true here at this Casino known as the Lacy Place where for close to half a year now intelligence has followed her actions and is now sending me. and she knows they'd only do that if they really feared her safety in question....

I decided to take a room at the reception and go to work...

The two both Xenith and Lacy maybe be fully female operated and run the same means of capturing and punishing the boys that come here through feminization and other means but make no mistake this is a totally different jungle of feminine beauty than I'm used to.


OOC Notes

In need of a Domme to take a major role in this mission.