Compromising predicament

Played by Bandjoe
8 months 1 week ago



I approach the front lobby and sheepishly and quietly I ask, I am in need of a room for the next couple days. I am quite embarrassed as I have these painted toe nails and flip flops on. I am also wearing A locked chastity device underneath and the key was mailed to this hotel in the package is the money for the room. Obviously we had a huge disagreement last night and she got the best of me as I was sleeping. I have only this grocery bag of ladies clothes to wear. As I look around I see attractive ladies everywhere and feel a little more relaxed in this compromising situation. Can you help me?

OOC Notes

Looking for the ultimate girly experience. Flashy clothes hair and makeup. Love large breasts and lingerie. Bondage and stuck with consequences always peaks my fantasy.