The shadow of Emily meets Ceresa for the first time.. again.



I wake up feeling wonderfully refreshed. I go about my normal morning rituals and think of my delightful plan for Emily. Normally she would be back in her training room by 8:15, but other arrangement have been made.

I give a lot of thought about how I will dress this morning, an frustratingly as I am fully dressed in quite the intimidating business-bitch outfit, a new idea crosses my mind. "well fuck.. time to get re-dressed and re-coordinated.

I know the Shell will make her more of a bitch to me this morning snice she won't know who I am, but in my intimidating business outfit, she'll probably now she's not behaving appropriately. But to someone she may view as a peer or a subordinate, this could work even better.

I arrive in the cafe not too late, I see her sitting at a table. I walk over and grab a tray, as I move along the line, I grab a banana, a slice of toast, a single blueberry pancake and a bottle of milk.

I walk over to Emily and sit down next to her, "Hope you don't mind but all the other seats are taken." giggles... I wonder if she'll take me a word value, or actually look around an see that there are plenty of open tables. Either way, I wait to see how the shell will direct Emily's energies to me, when she look sup and sees me wearing this black short dress, the little white apron and matching cap with a cute little name tag that says, 'Justa C :)' yeah.. the name tag totally has a smiley face.