[⌂] Crystal's apartment. (Invite Only)



Crystal's Introduction can be Read: *Here*


Heading from the OC we call in at the Lacy EHHQ and pick up Crystal's Key Card for her new apartment.

Enter the Block and up a few flights of Stairs.

Pass some potted plants in the hall way and we're outside her door.

- Well Crystal, here you've your Key Card.

I stand in the front of the door and look in her incredible cleavage. I hope she invites me to enter, i need to rest a bit after our last 'work' at the OC.

- Are you going to invite me in or what?

Hope Crystal don't have a grudge to me for what i did to her.

Mr. Smith payed for her transformation to punish her because left her daugther (Crystal was her former 'boyfriend' and had cheated her), he would that she becomes a Bimbo, and, well, he paid for that and i just did my part.
But, we make a good relation at the OC (can say more than 'good') and, speaking with the Managers and her, she accepted to work at Lacy to pay her own 'treatment' and don't go back with Mr. Smith.

Pull out my cell(phone) and do a few SMS to the other girls.