Stories - Reading

Stories are the main focus of the site, and naturally there are lots to read here. To find them, hover your mouse over the Stories tab at the top of the site without clicking, and a menu of locations will drop down from it.

Clicking Everywhere (or even the Stories tab itself) will show you all stories from all areas, in date order (most recent first). You can click the column headings to change the order (twice to reverse it), and jump to other pages by using the links at the bottom of the index. You can also click player names and character names to view the relevant profiles.

Each story has a Rating as well, to indicate the type of content they contain - G-rated stories have no sex or nudity, R-rated stories may have some nudity and softcore sexual situations, and X-rated stories involve more hardcore porn activities. You can click a rating next to a story to see all stories with that rating.

Clicking a location on the Stories menu will take you to the Home page for that location, which has various features:

Location descriptionThis will give you a good sense of what the area is about.
Areas in
the location
These are below the description. Click one to see only the stories for that area. Instead of a forum layout, you’ll see a preview of the opening post of each story, which can be very useful. From here you can open stories, add comments, etc in the usual way.
Banner advertOnly visible if any users have created them (see the FAQ entry on Banner Ads).
NPCs & TasksNPCs (Non-Player Characters) are supporting characters you can use to help tell your stories. They're not played by any users on the site, we've just set them up to help you out. You can refer to and use them in your stories if you wish.
Below the list of NPCs you'll find tasks that they've created. Click a task to find out more, read people's replies and add a comment of your own. You can also use these tasks to give you ideas for stories of your own in the forums.
Note: The NPCs and tasks you see will depend on the Amount of Force Preferred, as specified in your Account settings. For more about the NPCs, click here.
Latest storiesThis appears as a forum at the bottom of the page. It works just like the 'Everywhere' forum described above.
Once you're in a story thread, you'll see various options for each character, to the left of each post:
Played ByThis tells you the user writing the character. Click the name to visit that user's page, listing all their Lacy characters.
Name & Image
Click this to see the profile for that character. There may be an extra line of text below the image if a special job title has been entered for that character.
Personality Type
This is represented by an icon below their avatar:
= Submissive
= Dominant
= Switch
Force Level
This is also represented by an icon below their avatar:
= Little/No force is preferred
= A Lot of force is preferred
Reply Icon Click this to reply to that particular post. This will open up a new page for you to make your comment. It will still appear at the end of the thread like any other comment.
Private Message Icon
Click this to send a Private Message (PM) to the Player behind the character. You cannot send PMs to the characters themselves - after all, they're fictional!
Post #
(replies only)
Each reply in a thread has a number at the top of it. This is actually a permalink - a link to the individual post. To copy this link, so you can paste it elsewhere, right-click on it and select Copy Link Location or Copy Shortcut.

The first post in each thread has a few additional options as well:
Location & RatingThese lines tell you where the story is set and how innocent or explicit it is. You can also click the location or rating to see other matching stories.
BookmarkClick this to add a link to the thread on your Bookmarks tab for easy access.
Last PostThis link is at the bottom of the first post, and takes you to the last post in the thread. The comment box for replying is just below this, so it's a handy way to jump to it.