Michy's New Life

i came to the Lacy Place as a man. But then a series of events changed me in a way that I could not have imagined.

I lost my wallet and was radically transformed into a beautiful sexy girl while still possessing my cock. With a massive debt that for all intents and purposes has me trapped here.

Also with this new body....my breasts have become massively sensitive. touch it in any way and I become very aroused. this could be difficult.

I. have met some girls who are in a similar place as me. They are beutifull and sexy....and happy to be here....maybe I can be happy here....I will certainly try....and I am having fun being with them.

Now that I am a tgirl...,what will i do when it is time to get together with another girl....maybe a man. I am nervous as I don't know or not sure how to please someone

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