Dr. Sandria is back to check out



"Escuse me Miss, I am Dr. Sandria Pantera. I was informed that my bills have been settled and I would like to collect my luggage and check out. I would also like to get cleaned up and changed, if you don't mind."

:Getting impatient, while you read a survey I took, I lean forward over the counter and there is the distinct odour of sex that wafts up along with everyone behind me getting a good look at my backside, as my mini-dress rides up over my ass and completely exposes me.:


1. Your name is Dr. Sandria Pantera?
Yes miss.
2. What are the contents of your missing bag?
It is mostly full of lingerie and it also has my vibrator inside.
3. And do you use the vibrator regularly?
Yes, I use it to calm my nerves after flying.
4. Does the vibrator help with your nerves?
Of course, I came here to relax and enjoy myself.
5. What colour is your hair?
Natural red head.
6. And do the drapes match the carpet?
Of course they match, what sort of question is that?
7. Is your hair dyed?
No, its completely natural.
8. Many girls like the clean look, don't you think it would look neater if you didn't have any pubic hair?
Yes, that would look neater.
9. Many girls claim that they look younger without pubic hair, don't you think your pussy would look younger without any?
Yes, it would look younger that way.
10. Do you think it would feel exiting to have a bald cunt?
Yes, I am sure it would feel exciting like that.
11. Wax your cunt! Are you wearing any panties, girl?
No, I'm not wearing any right now.
12. I bet that feel naughty, doesn't it, Girl?
Of course it feels naughty.
13. And do you have any piercings, Girl?
No, I don't have any piercings.
14. Don't lie to me, Girl!
I'm not lieing.
15. Most sluts have their ears pierced.
I meant other than my ears.
16. No more lieing, slut, pierce your clitoris! How about tattoos?
No tattoos either.
17. Not even a tramp stamp, slut?
Not even there.
18. Ok Slut, get a vulgar tattoo above your pussy! how big are your tits?
19. Now Slut, has anyone fucked those tits?
No, no one has done that to me.
20. Its about time that someone fucked those tits, cunt, wouldn't it be exciting to have a huge penis between them about to spew its load all over them?
Of course it would be exciting.
21. Ok cunt, how big are your areolae?
3 inch diameter.
22. And your nipples, cunt?
Half inch.
23. Now cunt, have you worn any jewellery on those nipples?
Of course I have not worn any on them.
24. Cunts like you look gorgeous with nipple rings, get them pierced as soon as you can!
I am sure they would look gorgeous with some on them.

:The survey continues for some time getting more and more vulgar and demanding. When you look up at my see through top, its clear I don't have any nipple rings as was ordered in the survey.: