Cummie`s to Dummie`s! [PM to Play]

Played by Bhagwan
2 months 2 weeks ago



So it was, the last vestige of my former self, the few possessions I had, all squeezed into one medium sized carry-all! It hadn`t taken me long to decide on this venture & even less time to book my flight.

The last Argument with my Girl-Friend, had only served to nail in that final nail...the last nail of the coffin that was our relationship. It was destined for oblivion but I had a new path now!

As I enter the Opulent Lobby, a tingle goes down my spine! For reasons unknown to me, my mind casts back to guarded memories of my older sister dressing me up in her Prom Gown! It was an embarrassing moment from a youth I didn`t wish to remember but I steel myself as I begin to speak to the lovely Receptionist...

*AHEM " Hello, I`m Kristian & I have a Double Ensuite Booked for a Week! If you can please Check your Reservations List & Confirm all is in order!"

I sweep back my Floppy Long Side Fringe & rest a slender elbow on the desk...

She was A Beauty for sure. Maybe I would get to Nail her too?