Rescuing Rabbit [PRIVATE]

Played by VeronicaPowers
10 months 2 weeks ago



I am sitting in my apartment waiting for some of my friends to show up. I am afraid they ae not going to come. They have said they will help me rescue my BFF Rabbit form a Bangkok brothel where she is being held and forced to perform who knows what. I look at her picture with misty eyes.

Don't worry Rabbit. Even if I can't get help I'm coming for you. Just hang on a little longer.

OOC Notes


Originally from Thailand. She and her best friend Rabbit were what's known as ladyboys in Thailand. Her father couldn't stand what she was. One day he came home and found Rabbit fucking Veronica (real name Natty, she took the name Veronica when she got to the U.S.) and went berserk, grabbing Rabbit by the hair and throwing her out in the muddy street of their village. He slapped Veronica across the face three times and told her she was never to see Rabbit again. A few days later Veronica's mother gave her all the money she had saved (90,000 baht) and told her to run away to America. Veronica went to get Rabbit to join her. Rabbit's mother told Veronica that her husband could not make enough money to feed their 8 children, so he had to sell Rabbit to a brothel in Bangkok. Veronica tried but the managers wouldn't let her in the brothel to see Rabbit. Veronica then got a job as a laundress on a ship going to America. At least she got passage, but the Captain evidently thought her duties were more than just doing the laundry. Veronica hated him and the way he smelled. When they finally got to America, one of the seaman put Veronica in a large trunk (she's very petite) and smuggled her through customs. He took a big chance to do this and Veronica stayed with him for a week, sucking him off every day in gratitude. She finally left and worked her way across the country to Las Vegas. She was determined to make it in the Land of Opportunity. She was also determined to rescue Rabbit when she got a chance.