Taffy's Temporary Dress Shop

Played by Taffy Silk
4 years 4 days ago



The bigwigs have moved on from the cermonial cutting of the 'ribbons' (I say ribbons, but the gossip is that some of them were leather straps....) on the completion of the renovations.

A quick peek, probably not allowed but no-one will know will they, shows lots of positions just ready to be filled. And of course, no-one has thought that the guests might want to shop in the old lots.

A quick bit of work provides a sign to put on the board with arrows to various parts, including the mall.

If that doesn't work, nothing will. The chap in charge, Ersault I think, was suitably distracted when I asked him to sign an ok, and mostly seemed to want to get me out of his way. One sig later, I was only too happy to make myself scarce and put the sign up. It even says 'temporary' on it.

Now to wait for people to come and find us and hand over lots of lovely loot. I can see a guest at the new shiny reception desk already. There's a definite sense of hope and renewal in the air.