Mistress Sabrina in charge ( Invite only )

Played by canditoy
10 months 3 weeks ago



Hi , I am Candi Toy
Me and my friend Jenny came to Las Vegas about a year ago. We met a girl named Sabrina Love at a Night Club the first night in town, Sabrina took us back to her Penthouse and showed us midwestern gurl and girl what Vegas life was all about!! giggles (I was the gurl... giggles)
Jenny left the next day but I stayed. I was Sabrina's sissy slut slave the first month or so, But then i found these wonderful pills that Sabrina had in the Penthouse that will make your mind and body do amazing things!
I turned Sabrina into my cock slut slave and I met an Asian girl named Harumi that came home with me as well ... giggles
Sabrina gave me my HUGE lips so i could suck cock and lick pussy better and then she made my TIT'S even HUGER !!! She then gave me some pills that took half my brain cells away to make me more like a BIMBO!!
to get back at Sabrina , i gave her a HUGE COCK !!!... giggles
and Sabrina LOVES sucking COCK!!
so that is why she is my COCK sucking slut slave.
I decided we needed to get out of the city and move to a retreat where we could have more fun and throw wild parties!!
So here we are! ...moving to my new home and Mistress Sabrina is in CHARGE!!!
I am Mistress Sabrina and Mistress Harumi's SLUTTY SEX SLAVE BITCH now.... not sure how this all happened!!
Then unexpectedly , Mistress Sabrina and Mistress Harumi run out of the house!! Leaving me and Ditzi all alone!!