doll house revenge

Played by Annabella
8 months 3 weeks ago



How the story begins

Im a witch im evil witch that is certain

But if they don't mess with me.
They are pretty safe

I was in the park with a basket and jars of things used for my spells when this guy puts his foot in the way

This causes me to crash and fall

Smash* smash* twrash twrash

So I didn't do a thing to him yet

I used my powers to conjure up a ladder I climbed up the ladder .

I was thinking about my spells

When.I get pummeled by tommatoes

I gathered more than enough for my spells when he pushes the ladder away

I fly down and float back.

Down as I see the jars and spell ingredients

Toss on the floor

The guy does mean things that cause me to get angry and lightning springs out of my eyes