Looking for job (receptionist needed, pretty please)

Played by Miss Alice
11 months 6 days ago



Nicholas was always a problem for everyone around him. He was always quite cruel and selfish. Not brutal but cunning... in a way. He never bullied anyone directly or forced to do something with strength. Instead, he lied, stole and blackmailed. He always was careful about who to make his enemies. He was a good friend for those who hold some power but to others...
One day he got tired of living with his parents (as much as they - with him). So he just left without a word (but taking a couple of thousands of dollars cash he could find).

He spent most of it in a week and decided to find a job that wouldn't bore him to hell.
A casino would look like a good place to start.

So he just found what was the nearest one to him at that moment and went to try his luck there.

When he went through the big glass front doors he could see the expensive interior of the main hall. "Looking good" - he thought to himself - "I can definitely get some cash here"

He went straight to the front desk and asked the receptionist with a cold voice
- Hey! Miss! Can I speak to your manager? I'd like to ask him whether you are hiring.

OOC Notes

Hey, Girls.

Want to play this character as quite a pervert that can easily accept the feminization (or a bit harder be forced) but still not that all submissive (or at least not to everybody)))

I hope someone will find this interesting.