The Bunny club- Nikita's demotion (private)



Not being management in this place occasionally has its merits, 'investor,' put my in, get more out. Donate money, get access to more services. And a person of my reputation does occasionally have a request to be made.
Last week I was given a folder about a woman named Nikita Beauchamp. A former class A domme, subjected to a gauntlet of experiments and challenges... Well it seems her capabilities have diminished.

I walk into her 'Bunny club' and approach the front desk, she is 'indisposed.' We continue walking by, and when we their security attempts to stop us, one of my aids shows their credentials and the Bunny club's security stands down.

I find myself in her office. i ta on a file cabinet, and a large man picks it up, impressively and walks out of the office. I swirl my finger, and in under a minute there is nothing left but Nikita's desk and computer.

As quickly as the room was cleared, New furniture is replaced. a cactus in the corner, a reminder to be careful around me or they might get pricked... A couch next to that, black leather, and an odd human-shaped bag. A black art-deco style chair with a large phallus coming up from the middle of the seat. On the wall a frame, but instead of a picture or painting is a selection of bondage toys... And finally three large black cabinets connected to one another...

I slide a USB drive into the computer, it overrides her password protection. I start looking through her files.

truthfully, I am more curious to see whats in here, but it is not necessary, i am just passing time until she comes back to her office, well my office. I wonder if she knows me my my face? hell whatever she is doing to keep herself 'indisposed,' I wonder if she'll come right back here, or if her people will have time to give her a warning... Either way I'm sure she'll be none too pleased to see her office so dramatically changed, i mean here I am sitting in 'her' office, the lights off except for the glow of her monitor, then turn the light switch, and its not her office... but she is in the right room.