New House Mates

Played by chastitysublime
11 months 1 week ago



"Well, that's everything. I guess I'm outta here", I say shaking my best pal Sal's hand as I sling an old duffel bag with my clothes and scant possessions over my shoulder. Having just finished college, it was time to part ways with my old friend and set out to the city to find a job.

"Dude, I can't believe this is it. No more keggers for you bro. It won't be the same without ya. Oh wait. Whatabout the bong! You're not leaving Gandalf?", Sal says pointing to the blue porcelain wizard shaped bong on the coffee table.

"All yours, bro. No way I'm gonna try to get the wizard pass air port security", I say a little sad to be giving the ole fellow up.

"Wicked, Dude. Alright... Hey! One last bowl for old time's sake?" Sal temps me dangling a baggie of kind bud.

"Well, I guess I gotta little time before the flight. Ok, Frodo, you're on..."

Many hours later...

"Frodo, Frodo? Where is that damn hobbit with my luggage? How can I meet with Galadriel without changing out of my traveling robes?" the old wizard moans as he rubs sleep from his eyes...

KABUMP! I wake as my face is forcibly peeled then bounced off the window of the airplane. 'Oh man, I guess I'm here,' I think rubbing my eyes. I don't even remember boarding. Ah, Gandalf's magic, of course. Hehe. Best way to fly.

Slowly the isle before me clears and I slide from my seating to check the overhead. 'Where's the duffel? Oh shit! I left it. Damn you Sal. At least I have my phone still', I sigh reassuring myself as I fell it in my jeans pocket.

A week before I had found an ad in the roommates wanted section on craig's list. I replied and not only was it great deal, but my new roommate was this older hot chic named Rosemary. We hit it off on chat and just like that I'm all set with a pad and place to start the job hunt. I'll just get a cab over to there and text Sal with the address to ship my bag too. Piece of cake. I make my way through the airport to the taxi zone and set off to a new home and new life adventure.

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