The LACY Confusion {Private}

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MAY 14TH, 2017

Dear Ms. Mira F,

Re: Student Application for Acceptance into New Programme

CONGRATULATIONS on your selection into our Laureate AdvanCe Youth (LACY) pilot programme! You have been given the opportunity to be among the first to participate in our LACY programme abroad. Enclosed together with this acceptance is an offer to continue your studies at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in a major to be determined at a later date. The LACY programme rewards (...)


Kindly report to your assigned boarding residence (refer to Appendix D) before JULY 12TH, 2107 to start your orientation at our sister university. You are advised to travel ahead of schedule to avoid any problem that may arise. We are thrilled to have you with us. See you soon!

Programme Director, Youth Outreach Programme,
On-behalf of the Assistant Minister,
Ministry of Higher Education

She could not believe her luck, smiling broadly as she folds the letter and puts it back into its envelope, after reading it for the million-th time. Even more unbelievable than the letter itself, is her name written across it. If her eyes could burn, the addressee would only read "Dear Ms." with a burnt hole right next to it.