Karl Plays for His Future (Open)

Played by Red1989
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Oh shit... How did this happen!? He feels himself being manhandled into what he assumes is a van. Afterwards feeling the prick of a needle being plunged into his neck as darkness overtakes him....

He comes too, stark naked, opening his eyes he looks around the room noting that there was a door, he groggily sprints over and futily tries to open it with no result. Pounding on the door with his bare fists, "What the hell?! Let me out of here! There has been some sort of misunderstanding" He hears something sliding on the floor. Looking down he sees a note -

Karl, Yes Karl, we did a background check after we looked through your wallet, and found out some interesting things about you. The thing we found the most intriguing, was your gaming habits. With that being said we have a machine setup in the room, a real state of the art prototype VR system. If you can beat the game, we will let you go, no strings attached, but if you lose.... Any changes, both mentally or physically that happen in-game will be made permanent.... Alternatively, if you choose not to participate you will be sold off to the highest bidder as a houseboi. You have until the timer runs out to make your choice.

His eyes widen as he hears a beep, looking at the source he see's a clock counting down - 14 minutes 59 seconds.

Shit, shit, shit! It's not like he had much of a choice.... He see's a pink suit and helmet lying next to the machine with a note in all caps 'WEAR THIS' Why the hell would it be pink?! Oh well not like he has time to think about it. He puts on the outfit as quick as he can before entering the machine, as he does he hears the door close darkness surrounds him.

He smirks confidently, this shouldn't even be a challenge hopefully it is going to be a first person shooter, that is where he really shines! Wasn't sure what they meant by changes in the game becoming permanent, or how that would even be possible, but hey, he wasn't going to lose anyways, so there is no need to worry about it!!

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Continued From Cadillac Jack's Ice Cream

FYI, This particular thread was inspired by the game TrapQuest