The Lacy sissy maid school invite only

Played by Kathy lynn
4 months 4 weeks ago

If you are here, you were invited if you were not invited please leave and go to the Mall and someone will help you there.... For all you have just entered this is the point of no return. The door only opens one way - in, You are four levels below the lobby you will have to earn your way out. Nothing will be given to you...look to your right you will see a fire place, strip naked and throw your clothes in the flames, so that they burn.....

Follow all the instructions precisely. Put yourself in chastity

And if you have a pussy don't worry we are an equal opportunity school...

Next put this penis gag tightly on yourself, you will wear it, until you earn the right to take it off

Congratulation you just earned your first uniform put this on and go find a floor to sleep on you have not earned a bed yet..

You walk into the school with a book balanced on your head. Deportment is vital for maids. Every time the book falls will be one demerit penalty!

Mistress will be along in the morning to start your training in the class room.................Welcome to hell..