Alex Stuart goes to Lacy

Played by Annie.Mouse
11 months 1 week ago



I’m glad to be graduated. High school was a hard time, I wasn’t bullied per se, but neither did I have any close friends. It wasn’t that I was being sheltered, my mother gave me more than enough freedom. I did decently enough in my classes, I got into the school I wanted, but I didn’t put nearly enough work into my classes, I just got by on my brains. I preferred spending my time reading books and comics and playing video games.

After school, I ran track. I wasn’t the fastest, and I wasn’t the slowest. I also never got close with the other members of the team. The same was true with the jobs I did. I bounced around between basic jobs, from clerking at a store to serving at a restaurant. I was never a great worker, just okay. That was fine because I was in jobs where expectations were low. The one thing I can be proud about is my money management. I never wasted my money, I did buy video games and comic books but never excessively. Nearly all my money went to my college fund.

Between my college fund, the couple scholarships I got, and the financial aid I had more than enough money for college. I decided on a trip to a Casino shortly before leaving for school, hopefully, the social nature of gambling and drinking will help me become more social. That’s why I decided on Lacy, from the little that I read and saw, it looked like I would be able to get away with drinking and that the women are promiscuous enough that I can finally lose my virginity.

Now after a three-hour flight and a short cab ride I've arrived at The Lacy Place. I work my way to the front of the line, "Um, hi, I'm Alex, I have a reservation."

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