A Dish served cold- private

Played by Ashley Bell
11 months 2 weeks ago



I'm so glad the Managers were willing to take me in and give me a job as the head of Security. I put my knowledge and skills as CIA agent , well an ex CIA agent,to protect the people here. One f the condition of working here I have to sexy fetish outfit, I do did it amuses the managers know that a former macho Cia is living and working as a sexy Asian woman. I have the traditional Japanese's name UChide is my surname and Chika is my given name.

I finish getting dressed in my ultra feminine fetish outfit-- look so very sexy as I head out the door


My life has changed to much because of the bastard- My mission was to capture him he turned the tables on me. and had the Chinese security police capture me. I spent they tortured me and kept me captive for over a year.

The Japanese secret service rescued me from the horrible place. I had beeb so badly damaged - the doctors I order to save me life performe SRS on me, turning me intoa fully functional woman..

One day I find get my hands on Etienne and he will play for what those guards did to me.

I head out the door and start my evening security check.