Alan Breck, the breakable man (PRIVATE Attn Miss Luzette)

Played by Patricia Cat
9 months 2 weeks ago



Alan Breck had violated the office rules about sexual harassment once too often. It was only innocent fun, a hand on the bum, a peck on the cheek, the odd brush against the girls by the water cooler. He knew that they loved it, he was, after all, one of the firm's top insurance lawyers and a great catch for any girl.

Unfortunately his boss didn't see it that way, evil bitch that she was. There were threats of dismissal, even of sexual harassment claims. Even though it was a storm in a teacup he would be ruined if this got out.

And that is why he's now finds himself sitting, nervously clutching the pretty pink purse that the 'bitch queen from hell' (or his boss as she prefers to be known) had told him he had to be holding in open view whilst he sat in one of Boston's busiest parks waiting for someone from the Company which he'd been 'loaned' to for a week to come and collect him. The sooner the better from his point of view, - he's already received a score of strange looks from passerby and an obviously gay couple had complimented him on his choice in accessory.