The Butterfly Collector (Part Deux)

Played by Etienne
7 months 3 weeks ago



Continued from Here

Leading her gently by hand into the private elevator that leads from the hotel reception directly to the private penthouse suite I had hired for the week.

Making idle small talk as we travel upwards, I turn with a smile as the the doors slid open .. I turned to you with a smile.

''After you'' ... placing my hand lightly on your waist to guide you into the room, I follow slightly behind and point over your shoulder.

''Wait for me outside on the terrace, I won't be a moment'' feeling sure the view would keep her occupied until he could join her.

Gathering the items I need, I meet you outside on the terrace and place the bucket bottle and glasses on the table.

''I assume you will have a glass of Champagne with me''