The Lacy Nunnery

The Lacy Nunnery

After a series of serious of complaints from important customers, the Lacy Management knew they had to do something.

Converting reluctant men into lucious women was good and well, not to mention easy. The fact remained, they were totally inexperienced at cocksucking, anal sex, seduction and all the Lacy basics. The Lacy Place desperately needed a sex school.

Unfortunately starting a sex school could attract to much attention from the authorities, but a smart accountant pointed out that a „Non-Denominational Nunnery“ would not attract attention, and could provide the Lacy Place with additional tax relief. Covering their tracks the accountant was summarily feminised and sent to the Nunnery he suggested, and now attracts and earns bigger bucks for Lacy.

The Nunnery is a quadrangle with only one entrance, and no outward facing windows. Off the outer walkway are the classrooms and dormitories.

Luckily there was already a nun running loose in tha Lacy Place, Sister Anna, who was promptly put in charge and given the usual Lacy incentive plan. The Nunnery is now established for training all the girls new to Lacy, and is proving very popular.

The girls doing their homework.


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