Stephanie's enforced playtime

Played by Stephanie Suckswell
12 months 3 days ago



"You have got to be kidding me. You have absolutely got to be kidding me." Seth says to his parents as they drive away.

Without responding, his parents speed away in their car. They know what this place is like, and why they have left him here. And unfortunately for Seth, he only knows about the sissification side of this Lacy Place. He had just turned 18, and was officially old enough to be entered into the “behavior modification” program.

He is entirely unaware of the more....infantile side....of the Lacy Place.

Seth walks in to the Lacy Place and is met by a beautiful girl at reception.

Seth was caught looking at sissy porn, and had his whole life upended. His parents found his online profiles, and his forced fem fantasy stories that he had written. They immediately sought help with a "sex counselor".
That counselor, unbeknownst to Seth, recommended that Seth be given a "complete" transformation. A transformation that would reset his mind back to his days in diapers.

Seth assumed he was here for some weird kinky, punishments. The kind that he has been fantasizing about for years. He didn't know that the punishments he would actually endure would go much deeper than that!

Seth finally is led to a small square bedroom. He is told this is is "waiting room".
The room looks more like a nursery to him than a bedroom.

The room is fitted with a changing table, a crib, many toys and bottles neatly lining the counter. Bright pink frilly outfits are hanging in the closet.

This is very strange.

Seth stops exploring and sits down on the chair at the desk and waits.

OOC Notes

I hope you don't mind, I would prefer if my character is a male at the beginning of this story.

I set it up so he has been sent here, and has been showed to a room already.

You can change my name to Stephanie, at any point. :)

If you want me to change anything, or have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!