When Martin met Wendy (invite)

Played by Charlotte Neal
10 months 1 day ago



That night by the pool was quite memorable. I’d been minding my business when it had become clear that two girls were enjoying each other, and loudly.

Well, I’d stayed watching, not wanting to get caught. Wendy one of them was, her name screamed loudly, and she had two notable points! The other was taller, but equally impressive in the flesh. Yes very memorable.

So back to the desk in the morning, thinking of that, and hoping not to be accosted by Carol or Monique. I found myself staring at someone in the foyer over the desk.

I shook my head, and watch the reception desk, this time staffed by a blonde.

A quiet spell, a phone call to the desk, Wendy she calls herself? I watch her more carefully, trying to judge her height and size. She could be the same one… yes, she definitely could be.

I watch for a while longer, before there’s an opportunity when it’s quiet. I make my way over. Yes, she definitely has the tits to be the same one.

“Say, Wendy, you busy?”