Percy heads to his room to get some much needed rest.

Played by Tommy
1 year 2 days ago



:I get off the elevator and start walking down the hall when a business woman passes me. Something about her looks very odd, but other than noticing her breasts swaying an excessive amount, my sleep deprived brain does not put two and two together.:

Hello Miss.

:She giggles and I crane my neck around to look at her ass, what a tight fitting suit and then continue to my room, I slide the card-key in and open the door to a bit of a shock:

:My jaw drops as I take in the scene and then head to the phone. Calling up the registration desk.:

Hello Miss, there seems to be some sort of mix-up with my room. I asked for a masculine room with a king size bed and what I got can't be further from that. I guess some bimbo must have been doing her nails when she booked my room. I expect to get a gender appropriate room as soon as possible. CLICK

:I'm so tired that I just go in and start stripping, I head into the bathroom where I try to lift the seat to take a piss and find that the seat won't lift. I give up and sit down. Last thing I need is to have some maid complaining about me urinating on the seat.:

:I get up and the toilet flushes itself. Not only that, the seat lifts and it cleans itself at the same time. I apparently failed to notice the buttons with a picture of a girl and boy on them with the girl pressed. I go wash my hands and head to the bed where I climb under the sheet only and fall to sleep, where I start snoring loudly.:

OOC Notes

Since my luggage has not arrived in the room yet, someone should be bringing it up and putting my clothes away. And who knows what else, since I am checked into the barbie room. Also I had left a wake up call so I can get dressed for my big meeting this evening.