It Started With A Note (A CGDA Mystery)

Played by SteffyDD
1 year 3 days ago



It Started With A Note (A CGDA Mystery)

Here’s how it started.

The temperamental and tempestuous Jaclyn had gotten ensnared with a dom of some fiendishness and I, Steffy, had been sucked in. Speaking of such things, that’s where Nicholas came in—on an elevator, Jaclyn forced to satisfy him.

Through cleverness and some luck, the three of us, Jaclyn, Nicholas and I escaped.

As happens, during the course of things, Nicholas became Nicole.

It would be nice to say that all ended well. It sort of did. Jaclyn and Nicole got close, Nicole lost memories of her past as Nicholas and then . . . a note.

The note was simple. And ominous, found in Nicholas’s former room:

"This should complement your dress from last night before you ran off with those whores. Your new identity is by the bed. From the computer, it should suit you. For your new life, put on YOUR lingerie and meet me in the bar tonight.."

As it turns out, the note wasn’t discovered until days later by the two romantics. Yes, discovered by Jaclyn and Nicole, the note lying there full of venom.

A chance meeting and chat in the Steel Horse Saloon with Steffy (HERE - SEE MOSTLY ABOVE)[/] ultimately set the Cute Girls into action with the semi-usual challenge: solve the mystery, protect the damsels all the while staying cute.

PS: And I know what at least half of Lacy is saying. Why this when there’s already a pending story from the CGDA (the Mikael thing)? The answer is that a Cute Girl has to make a living, that sometimes one case is just not enough and, besides, Nicole is in major trouble.--Steffy