Mistress Arianne back from the dead

Played by MissyAlexa
1 year 5 days ago



I feel the cool air of the AC as I enter the room. My god, it's been so long since I felt even remotely comfortable and I'm barely passed the door!

Dropping what tittle luggage I have next to the entrance, I let myself fall flat on the bed.


I try to relax and think of something else. The last six months were absolute hell. Not long after founding my new company SissyTech here at Lacy, I woke up in a dark basement tied to a table. From what I gathered, one of my competitors didn't take kindly to my new enterprise and and wanted me out of the picture. What followed were six months of grueling slave training. While they did manage to turn me physically into what I'd call an emo bimbo, they underestimated my will.

And that's how, three days ago, I was able to escape undetected. I ran as fast as I could here. While I know they're still searching for me, I know they wont dare enter here and anger the M&R corporation.

But all that was now past. I was now safe and sound in this admittedly small room. Barely having the strength to move, I push the help button. I hear a small chime indicating that help was on its way.