Psychology Class



I sat in my seat on the right side of the class room doing my work , but at the same time observe a girl who sat in the center... She is like an angel , the perfect girl

I had a crush on her since the beginning of college and already try to take up a classes with her ... it didnt matter if i needed it or not as long as i get to spend time in her presence

Now you will be thinking why I dont I go and talk to her, well coz I , Grayson am a nerd or as few call me geeek/ bookworm. I have always kept to myself, and avoided any trouble. I aren't ugly as such.. I am fair and have a decent 5.5 height , not fat but no muscle like the macho type either.. Also i get scared to speak to a girl , well the prettier ones atleast

And on the other hand , she is so pretty n beautiful and wonderful... I doubt she even know me..

This year we had 2 classes together... I felt so lucky
one is Psychology Class and other is maths

we were in our Psychology Class, and our teacher entered... He stared to teach and I got busy into noting down and in between get glimpse of her
Later we were to be assigned partner for our project...
I hope I get her as my partner