svetlana meeting doesnt go as planned..

Played by Ramonavenusflytrap
11 months 3 weeks ago



I received a letter to meet this Mistress in behind stairs of the lacy place

Thats odd im a Mistress

Hmm the letter says come alone

I dont need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out

Ok swine im going to be on my way

I make my way down the stairs I never been here

It should be a great place to trap a swine here and make her my girl

Hello its empty

There is no one here

Whats the deal !!!.

I hear the door lock ..
Smoke fills up the room cough cough im getting queezy whats the meaning of this ..

Im getting dizzy the room is spinning

Im getting to point of wanting to hurl ..

I let out with rage do you know who I am !!.