Jesse thinks he may be in luck.



I approach the Reception desk timidly. The place is full of gorgeous, sexy girls. I am open-mouthed and over awed.

I cough quietly.

When the girl on the desk deigns to turn her head, I say 'I'm just passing through, Miss. I was wondering if there was a chance of doing some work here? Cleaning, or gardening - anything. If I could get a bite to eat, and a bed, too, that would be wonderful."

I smile, hopefully. And wait.

She picks up a telephone, and says something I can't hear. I wait some more.

OOC Notes

Jesse is an orphan, travelling in hope of finding a permanent job, but meantime looking for work cleaning, or gardening, whatever.

He's naive, unused to girls, easily embarassed.

I'm into bondage. ;)

No contact with male penis - but dildo/vibe/strap-on OK.

(No time now - I may expand this later)

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