Checking in for my conference

Played by Tonya Veldin
11 months 4 weeks ago



Stepping through the bland sliding doors, I step into an ornate, but understated reception area. The thing that catches my attention the most, of course, is the Beautiful women behind the reception desk. Not just that, but the clothing only seemed to accentuate it.

The other thing that caught my eye: there wasn't a line. Odd for a conference. Maybe I just got here before everyone.

Stepping up, I stammer a little as the Receptionist first has me sign the Registry:

As I finish, I look back up, and somehow manage to avoid the fleshy trap and look into Ms. Kysscok's eyes. There is something there, something unmistakable, but unknown that gets me hard again. As she gives me my room assignment, and information about the offerings of the establishement, my mind wanders into a daydream, flashes of her "servicing" me, of two of the other receptionists kissing passionately, a flash of ME serving Ms. Kyyscok's penis....

WAIT, WHAT???? My mind is shocked out of its daydream to Ms. Kyyscok asking if I am OK? I nod dumbly, looking at the information packet in my hand, and wandering off toward the elevators to stop by my room.