First Day of Conference

Arrived at the Conference Center/Casino/Resort. LOTS of beautiful women. Not a whole lot of men?

Registration was interesting. I had a daydream that the receptionist was giving me a blowjob, followed by two of the other receptionists kissing passionately. But the last image, which was only a flash, concerns me: it was ME giving the receptionist, a Ms. Kyyscok, a blowjob. She was still a beautiful, voluptuous women, but had a cock. WTF?

Anyway, my room is nice. Not quite the level I am used to, but this conference is a little more expensive than the normal ones I attend.

Maybe I should call down for some room service, get a little food and drink. Maybe flirt with the delivery person, if they are female. Of course, that is if I can keep my cool....

Ordered a steak and salad, along with a local craft beer. Flipping through the available channels on the TV, there sure is a lot of pay-for Porn channels available. Not sure what that is about.

Room service was delivered by a guy. Too bad. Steak was good, beer was OK.

Tempted to watch a Porn, get myself off. Maybe tomorrow. Sleep now, I have a busy day tomorrow.

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Horny, Tired, Weary