The psychology office of Pandora and Kathy all are welcome, please PM first



Welcome to the office of of Pandora and kathy we are trained Psychologist, let me introduce myself I'm Pandora,

And I am Kathy as you can see we are lovers and best friends,.

Lover kathy and I studied and graduated Harvard at the top of our class and we were the most popular and had a reputation of being very gifted..giggle

We are here for you to help you in anyway we can to help you adjust to your new way of life here at lacy we know all too well the difficulties you will encounter when your life long desires comes true, Sure Lacy takes care of all your physical needs but what about you inner self, loneliness, feeling abandoned lost alone not knowing who to talk to how to meet other like yourself...Come see us make appointment in most cases we can see you right away...But please let us know you are coming our couch is waiting...

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