Amberella was checking out?

Played by Jiniffer
1 year 3 weeks ago



:I pick up the phone in the hotel suite and call the front desk:

"Hello Miss, this is Amberella in the executive suite. I would like some assistance with my luggage, as I will be checking out. O, and send a wardrobe case for my new dresses. Thank you."


:while packing some of the smaller cases, I drop and earing and since it has been some time since I requested assistance with my luggage, I get a bit frustrated and get down on the floor to look under the couch for the wayward jewelry, I hear the door open and turn to look:

OOC Notes

(There is a lot of taped footage of this woman treating the staff of the hotel poorly and she needs to be taken down a few pegs, please be gentle and crafty)