the Lacey Arena enter at your own risk.kitana level two

Played by Kitana
1 year 2 days ago



Hello what is your name? [= thank you for asking my name is Kitana I choose my swords I want to be in Arena of abandoned town with zombies I want it at level 2 I will only be using my swords/color] all of the sudden the room changes into an abandoned town with lots of zombies all I have are my swords. And I'm being ambushed from zombies from all sides. As a zombies rush over to me I begin slicing them from their legs to slow them down some bit I see a truck full of gasoline nearby how convenient I think should I go with this should I blow up the zombies and blow myself up to will simulation and will I get hurt. No I'm not going to do it the easy way no I'm going to do it the tough way Ella zombie start rushing me I begin slicing them from their legs and arms picking up the zombie's head I toss it to the next zombie hitting him Direct Hit right in the face Zombie Strike attacking me from the next side. I tried fighting them back my swords fall to the ground here is where the girls get separated from the big girls. Do I quit or that continue fighting I slide down on the floor doing a powerslide grabbing my swords I jump in mid-air throwing my sword like a boomerang catching the zombies between the sword until they rip into a bunch of chunks. Then all of a sudden this weird earring music please and a evil zombie a taller one with weak points pointed out to me appears but I do not fight it that way instead of destroying the zombie I see my point of exit the exit is nearby know what I could do I have two ideas one idea would be to knock over the zombie and make it to the exit or defeat these waves of zombies and then make it to the exit there are no other choices besides these. Has a zombie start coming rushing me from both areas I start slicing with my sword I see the very tall zombie getting closer to me that's when I come up with the best plan I slice off the really tall zombies legs making them Tower down knocking down the other zombies..the zombies get squashed and a few zombies manage to get near me ,..this crab looking zombie gets near me and I see this hot bowling pot of water I push the crab zombie in the water watching him boiled and the virtual voice says congratulations on beating level 2