the Lacey Arena enter at your own risk.

Played by Kitana
1 year 4 weeks ago



o the lame is Sarah I am the virtual programmer I'll be your host to tell you the rules of the Arena rule number one one person at a given time. Rule number 2 if more than one person comes in here the simulation was shut off this is the sign for one person at a time this is designed for one person at a time if you do not obey my rules I will ask you to leave. Rule number three please state your name Rule Number Four you have uke have a variety of weapons to choose from but you can only have one. Whichever weapon you pick we'll carry on your Arena. First question what is your name? Second question what skill level do you want. Do you want average medium hard or impossible. After choosing one of those choices you must choose the arena we have a very variety of Arena's to choose from we have the have the Lava Pits we have marshmallow planet we have planet tiful planet Lake Titicaca. We have robot invaded planet we have vampire invade planet these are just a few of the choices there are over 450 different arenas there is no wrong choice. might we suggest you pick the beginner level. You don't seem experienced enough to go to the higher levels.. warning once you choose the weapon you must stick with that weapon at any point in which you beat the opponent the enemy you may keep his weapon. if you do not want to fight enemies and you just want to fight fruits we have that level 2.. if at any point you feel the same any point we see that you are in danger regardless of your level you choice simulation will shut off .