Joy's first Ride (private)

Played by MistressDyvia
1 year 4 weeks ago



I sit in a small booth on the second floor. I don't really bother to look around, I use my cellphone connected to the Lacy security system to watch for my target.

A man who works for a a company who has some secrets locked away in his laptop. The rival company wants to acquire this information and make him disappear, most likely to set up a shell company oversees with a defective product while they work in enhancing it.

I, on the other hand am going to use this opportunity to test out a new product my company has developed. He was scheduled to arrive here an hour ago, and he was offered some free tokens at the desk to get him down here. I ave some bimbo with her special lipstick. All she needs to do is flirt with him enough for one kiss, and he'll be out like a light.

And there he is. I see him tracking him the software. i send a text to the bimbo's watch. and watch her move into to flirt...