[⛐] Searching for a soul, searching for Courtney ... [Private]



When i met Courtney in that Bar i never thought that i'll see her again, it was like only a funny night to have.
But, things go weird, she signed a Contract to work at Lacy, and, in the process in the OC, i discover that she is searching what she really is. Can i help her in this too? Don't know, try to find out with this date.

Things goes weird also in her Welcome Party, i need to talk with her, life isn't easy outside here and neither here.

I gave her an address to meet, it's in the Vienna Coffee, a place that knows a lot from my joys and sadnesses.

Well, i'm sitting in one of the tables, waiting for her and hearing that interpreter i like so much ... (how appropiate song!)

OOC Notes

Courtney, when you finish your Shopping trip, i'm waiting here for you.