A Letter to Jaclyn

Played by Diana Kennedy Porter
1 year 1 month ago



after meeting Jaclyn a long while back and working with her a short time at the college in exchange to have her help me with the problem I've had since birth with the loss of my voice

however forces beyond my control forced my having to leave with empty hands sad and upset but choosing not to let this bother me I write a letter to Jaclyn after locating her address I write her a letter

Dear Jaclyn,
I do not know if you remember me by chance but this is Diana, a friend of yours from a short while back. I remember meeting you when I was working for my uncle in his mining business and I came to live at Lacy but what I most remember was the fun short time we spent together and how you wanted to help when I revealed to you my voice problem.

I am sorry that family issues took me away abruptly before we had our chance but now that's all underneath me for good and I am now back and living in Las Vegas Permanently...for the short term until I can get on my feet I've got a steady job at a Custom Car shop because I've always been a girl never having been afraid to get my hands dirty. it pays extremely good and helps me pay rent by the month at a hotel nearby but the reason I came back was because I missed you and our friendship because you are one of a group of very few friends I have had since being here.

Even more than that you actually extended your hand to help me and give me a voice and that made me happy knowing somebody cares for me like that. If you would like to meet me I am at the Luxor Hotel room 2417 just ask for my last name Porter and they will take you right to me I honestly hope you will I'd be very excited if you did come and we could get together and still talk as friends and even more so if we could get together and meet about my want to try again and give me a voice that would really bring me to tears of happiness to do that especially if we are successful which knowing you in the short time I have I can see you're much like me in that nothing is impossible for you virtually

I Hope this letter finds you well as I close with Goddess Blessing to you
Love your friend,
D.K.P(Diana Kennedy Porter)

with that I send off the letter with in light blue envelope that has a lipstick print of mine on it to reach Jaclyn